The Chorlton Challenge 2018

This year we’re launching a club championship but different – the Chorlton Challenge

The club is at its best when we can bring as many people together in the same place, at the same race, supporting each other along the way.

The Challenge will hopefully help us do that. On top of this we really want people to have the opportunity to be recognised for their successes and contributions – whether that’s winning a race, running their first ever race, giving up time to support other runners, or setting a brand new PB. Lastly, for people that are newer to the club we want to be able to point them to an event where other people from the club will be taking part making it easier for them to get involved.

The format is simple, runners will earn points for running fast; improving their own running; looning; volunteering; and running further than they have before. Points mean prizes…

For each event there are 4 points for 1st CR finisher, 3 for 2nd, 2 for 3rd. Everyone else gets 1 point for taking part.

Bonus points:

+1 for a 10k run
+2 for run longer than 10k run
+2 if you get a PB for the specified distance*
+1 if it’s your first 10k*
+1 if it’s your first half marathon*
+1 if you are 1st CR in your age category (inc seniors)
+1 if you set a CR course record
+2 if you set a club record for the distance (so 3 for course and distance).

You don’t have to run to take part…

2 points if you’re volunteering on one of the parkrun dates.
2 points if you’re looning (max 8 points total for this)

There are 11 events and you have to take part – run, volunteer or loon in at least 6 to take part in the “challenge”. If you run in more then your best 6 will count.

*Please let us know on the Facebook event if you.. a PB for the given distance
..ran your first 10 or Half Marathon
..looned/supported or volunteeeered

Scoring will be administered by Tim Blackwell with Adam Shepphard, Vicky Thompson and Colette Humphrey all helping with organising the Challenge. In the case of any disputes the decision of Brian Devlin (Chair) is final (yes the power has totally gone to his head).

Click HERE for the results page

The Chorlton Challenge 2018 events

Any parkrun anywhere – 20th January – Link to the Facebook post for this event
Trafford 10k
Wilmslow Half
Frontrunners Cake 10k
Sale Sizzler #2
Rhyl 10k and Half
We Love MCR 10k
Chorlton Classic TBC
Manchester Half
Any parkrun anywhere – Nov Date TBC
December race TBC

We’ve picked races that are mostly organised by local clubs and that fit in with the existing CR Black Sheep series and CR Reps Group Grand Prix which will continue again next year. Anyone can take part in all of these competitions, none of them or somewhere in between – but the Chorlton Challenge is designed to be the most accessible for most of the club.

Finally, if you’re worried you might come last then be warned – you’ll have stiff competition from me and Tony Payne!

That’s the idea – hope you all like it. Any questions please drop Brian a message!